Convosense integration with Zapier will revolutionize the current scenario, where the world has gone hyper-digital preserving customer engagements in email channels, web chats, social media, help desk, applications, and so on has been an everyday challenge.

In this situation, mature businesses will have difficulties being aware of these interactions and making these insights useful without specialized tools. This is where Convosense being an AI-backed conversation analytics tool gains momentum.

Through an automatic analysis of customer interaction, Convosense identifies crucial aspects, and sentiment trends and, therefore tailors a developmental path for businesses, to enhance their consumer experiences.

Additionally, Convosense still has more possibilities to expand its current functions with the brand-new integration between Convosense and Zapier – the leading workflow automation platform. 

Simply put, Zapier is a reliable “bridge” that marries all of your web apps and services, making it possible to build “Zap” automated workflows between 5,000+ apps by using it’s no-coding needed functions. On the other hand, Convosense integration with Zapier will help users check and connect data to other popular business tools with ease.

The result? Optimize customer interaction, get customer conversations, customer communication insights, AI-powered conversation analytics, leverage customer conversation, enhance customer profile, etc.

Convosense integration with Zapier: How Convosense Drives Unparalleled Customer Insights?

In an experiential world where the customer holds a powerful sway, the customer’s voice has never meant more. The companies that are willing to learn and know how to understand changing buyers’ needs will capture the dominant market share. But the big challenge between all these noisy conversations while trying to identify the underlying gripes and trending topics that matter, is where things became a bit complicated.

Convsense – an AI-powered conversation analytics service that is similar to having a group of all-staring analysts that are constantly scanning every email, live chat, or even support ticket, looking for a glimmer of a new trend, an indicator of sentiment shift, or signs of opportunities for improvement.

Think of a case when you could figure out and understand the issues behind the surging number of tickets the help desk receives from end users. The decision-maker’s insights can’t be underestimated. it is only a foundation for a customer-oriented strategy which then results in customer fidelity, business expansion, and an accessible competitive advantage.

Convosense integration with Zapier: Grow with ZAPIER

Zapier, the lead automated process of execution, is a platform that integrates web apps and services by creating “Zap” workflows which take tasks from one app to another through a triggered process of action. Through the connection, Zapier allows you to mix processes and distribute tasks regardless of coding, which is for free.  Zapier lets customers team up with the Convosense platform and use their contact information, not only to increase the efficiency of the data usage but also to allow taking on diverse business programs allowing them to discover new improvements in customer experience. 

Yet, the crucial step comes when you combine ConvoSense with the Zapier.
A smooth integration of these two solutions comes with a great opportunity to apply conversation insights in real-time resulting in support cases getting auto-created, CRM profiles getting enriched, triggering targeted marketing campaigns, and a whole range of other tasks.

So what exactly can you achieve by harnessing the power of Convosense integration with Zapier? The use cases are endless, but here are just a few examples of how this integration can revolutionize your operations:

1. Centralized customer data

Through Convosense’s integration with Zapier, Convosense extract insights from interactions via email, chat logs, and other communication channels, can then be fed into other useful applications like CRMs, help desks, spreadsheets, and other tools.

2. Self-Managed Automated Ticketing and Case Management System

Develop different tickets/cases or support requests in tools like Zendesk, Freshdesk, or Salesforce Service Cloud in real time based on the conversation topic of picking rights or customer dissatisfaction. This will arise as doing so will indicate any concerns and provide a clear route to the appropriate place.

3. Smarter Prioritization and Routing

Live using real-time Convosense insight, customer service teams can flexibly re-prioritize support queues, direct conversations to agents assigned to particular product or issue categories, and fasten the flow of information in situations that are of high urgency or aggravation.

4. Personalized Outreach Campaigns

By getting to know the common pain points of customers in more detail through the indications that have come through from Convosense, marketers can build comprehensive automated sequences of prescriptive in-app messages, email campaigns, and other solutions for customers that boost their satisfaction.

5. Real-Time Notifications and Alerts

By using Zap triggers, Convosense identifies abnormal topic volumes, and notifies the right people with an unexpectedly high emphasis on discussions on a specific theme or too much negative feedback. It means we can react promptly and quickly to recover our services to prevent churn risks.

6. Enhanced Customer Profiling:

Use insights you have exported from Convosense as a source of enrichment in your marketing automation and/or CRM solution, which can be about issues, product interests, support history, and other relevant fields. This is what opens the door for better individualization and intelligent customer engagement.

7. Smoother Data Handoffs

Zapier zaps enable smooth data transmission, thus, data gained from one tool to another or from multiple teams is instilled without interruption – from the initial stage of supporters to an escalation, follow-up, and resolution. Goodbye, obsolete handovers and collision of the detail records.

8. DataOps and Reporting Workflows

Through Zapier, Convosense sends its Conversation Data Extracts to the databases or business intelligence tools of the enterprises. Hence the results of the conversation analysis can be attached to the specific overall metrics, reporting, and big data initiatives of these enterprises.

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