Lost a deal? are customers unhappy?

Lost a deal? are customers unhappy?

It can be challenging to know why you lost a deal. why are customers unhappy, without understanding what went wrong, you may repeat mistakes resulting in future losses.

Let us consider having a team receiving more than hundreds of emails daily. It would be pretty difficult to figure out the pain points in order to solve the particular problem

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Save your deals
Convosense can provide notifications if a deal is shaky or if a customer is unhappy by highlighting them right under your CRM. This will help you prioritize the resource where they are most required.

Conversation Scoring
AI-generated scores can save a lot of time going into manual QA. This score helps in spotting the conversations with underlying problems. This will help you evaluate the performance of the team rapidly without going through long conversations.

Quality over Quantity
Analytics of customer satisfaction trends, conversation scores, hot topics, and many more can help make the correct decisions at the right time.

Training the team
AI-generated ranking assists in tracking team effectiveness and training them to perform better along with recommendations based on the customer’s key points under the CRM. Give personalized coaching to your team so that they can perform better and help you win more customers.

Identify problems before the deal is lost & spot unhappy customers in the ocean of customer conversations. Your solution is just one click away.

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