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With AI-powered tools to understand every customer interaction and build relationships, your team can perform their best, and create a sales team that excels.

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Convosense for sales


Business Insights

Get insights into your customer interactions so you can be mission ready always.


Personalized Guidance

Create a coaching machine that will get the agents ready for their sales not in months but in days.


Observe and respond

Keep an eye on what is happening in the customer conversations and act when things start going south.

How convosense helps sales team win


Data-driven insights

Get insights into your customer interactions so you can be mission ready always.

Understand your customers' needs, preferences, and pain points, empowering your team to be well-prepared for every interaction.


Find where your reps are missing out

No more guessing. No more spending hours on conversations QA. Use data-based guardrails to keep track of reps performance and find the weak links.

Streamline conversations QA and focus on areas that need improvement, driving your team towards greater success.


Transform agents into battle stars

Analyze team performance to & provide personalized coaching and help the team perform best.

Empower your agents with the skills and confidence to close more deals, resulting in increased revenue and success.


Find and prevent

Keep track of customers’ behavior and jump in before you start losing them. Using this you can reduce churn and ramp up your revenue.

By addressing their needs promptly, you can boost customer loyalty and drive revenue growth.


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Plug and Play

Seamlessly integrate with your existing customer communication tools. Consolidate customer communication and enhance your understanding of customer needs through integrated tools.

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