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Use Conversational intelligence
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Up your customer game using AI-driven solutions.
Improve customer satisfaction levels across platform and generate sustained profits.

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Maximize value of customer conversations

Take customer satisfaction to a whole new level

Agent leaderboard

Evaluate agents using leaderboard

Reduce your agent evaluation time by 80% 🚀 and eliminate the need for manual quality assurance and report generation.

Utilize the agent leaderboard to identify your top-performing customer-facing agents and emulate their successful strategies.

Conversation Scoring

AutoQA with AI

Streamline your quality assurance process and minimize the time spent on sampling and receiving slow feedback from customers.

Achieve 💯% coverage and promptly identify any missed opportunities or areas for improvement.

Real-time alerts

Identify needy customers instantly

Receive instant feedback and alerts 🚨 whenever a conversation deteriorates or encounters challenges.

This enables you to promptly intervene and provide timely assistance, ensuring customer satisfaction and resolving issues before they escalate.

Customer satisfaction analytics

Mitigate Churn through Pattern Discovery

Leverage AI analysis to detect trends and patterns that may indicate potential customer churn.

By monitoring sudden decreases in satisfaction levels, you can promptly identify underlying issues and take swift action to address


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Seamlessly integrate with your existing customer communication tools. Consolidate customer communication and enhance your understanding of customer needs through integrated tools.

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