How to configure HubSpot Integration?

Integrate Convosense to HubSpot to analyze customer conversations and uncover actionable insights. Get instant alerts and rapidly evaluate agents with automated agent evaluation. This guide will help you to configure HubSpot Integration.

Convosense Integration Overview
  • Save your deals, Convosense can provide notifications if a deal is shaky or if a customer is dissatisfied, highlighting them right under your CRM.
  • Conversation Scoring, AI-generated scores can save a lot of time going into manual QA. This score helps in spotting the conversations with underlying problems.
  • Quality over Quantity, Analytics of customer satisfaction trends, conversation scores, hot topics, and many more can help in taking the correct decisions at the right time.
  • Training the team, AI-generated ranking assists in tracking team effectiveness and training them to perform better along with the recommendations based on the customer’s key points right under the CRM.

  • Login or Signup to your Convosense account.
  • On signup please check your inbox for the verification code.
  • Now click on “integrations”, in the sidebar.
  • Now click on the Integrate button on the HubSpot card.
Convosense integrations page
Convosense integrations page
  • Now complete the HubSpot Oauth 2.0 process to integrate Convosense with your HubSpot account.
HubSpot Oauth page used to configure HubSpot integration
HubSpot Oauth page
  • After completion, HubSpot will redirect you back to Convosense.
  • Convosense will automatically do your basic account setup.
Convosense default user setup
Convosense default user setup
  • Now press the “View iCSAT recipes” button to view the default recipe created by Convosense for you.
Convosense default user setup completion page showing Convosense is now configured as a HubSpot integration.
Convosense default user setup completion
Convosense user recipe page
Convosense user recipe page
  • That’s it, your Convosense account has been set up and integrated with HubSpot.
  • Now any new email coming to HubSpot can be viewed in Convosense smart inbox. Access it using the Emails button in the side menu.
Convosense smart inbox
Convosense smart inbox
  • Press the Analytics button in the side menu to view the analysis done by Convosense on your emails.
Convosense analytics dashboard
Convosense analytics dashboard

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