Is CSAT enough for customer satisfaction?


In this highly competitive market, we know the customer is the king, and keeping them happy is the top priority. A satisfied customer doesn’t only bring a one-time profit but adds a lifetime value to the business. So, it is natural for businesses to keep their customers happy and satisfied. Are CSAT surveys enough for customer satisfaction?

analyzing customer satisfaction

Pain Points

When it comes to keeping track of customer satisfaction, the most used solution in the market is the CSAT survey. Asking directly from customers about their experience is an ideal way of assessing customer satisfaction. But latest studies have shown that only around 15% of the customers show interest in filling out the CSAT survey. Due to this companies are not able to analyze customer satisfaction with accuracy. This can cause a bad impact on companies’ profits and revenue.

Rate conversation


For both sales and support teams, customer conversations are a great source of insights. However, when the volume of conversation grows, manually obtaining insights appears unattainable. AI-based analytics help teams to understand customers better, delivering significant impact. iCSAT harness the true power of AI to demystify the normal boring conversations to extract the business important insights. Using iCSAT companies are not just restricted to the CSAT surveys but they can analyze customer satisfaction using the quality of conversations they have exchanged with the support or sales teams. The ability to automatically rate a conversation’s quality based on tone, empathy, and sentiments is what makes iCSAT a revolutionary tool. Now companies can assess customer satisfaction with close to 100% coverage.
The iCSAT-backed analytics can give deeper insights. Metrics like daily variation in customer sentiments, conversation scores, and positive encounters can help companies to map the customer satisfaction variation with time helping them to stay proactive when taking care of their customers.

Offering the customers important attention when needed can prove to be a game-changer as it can help companies control their customer churn leading to sustained revenue generation. All this makes iCSAT a robust solution for customer satisfaction analyses far outmaneuvering traditional CSAT-based solutions. Unlock a competitive advantage with intelligence that automatically provides deeper insights into your customers’ conversations.

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